F.A.Q. About Cats

How often should my cat be groomed?

If you have a long hair cat, he/she should be brushed weekly and professionally groomed every six weeks. With short hair cats brushing weekly will help shedding and professional grooming is still recommended.

What causes matting?

Once a small tangle or mat forms, it grows very quickly. Matting is caused by the combination of greasy skin and normal shedding. Regular brushing and occasional bathing will prevent matting.

Do cats like getting a bath?

Most cats do not mind being bathed, some even like it. If your cat shows signs of stress that concern us, we will not continue and we will notify you right away.

How do you dry the cats?

We blow dry cats to get the excess water off and let them dry in the kennel with a cool kennel drier made for pets.

Will you sedate my cat?

We do not sedate cats and we don’t groom cats that have been sedated. Ask your vet to groom your cat if you feel like sedation is necessary.

Will it hurt my cat to be groomed?

It can hurt your cat to NOT be groomed. A cat that is groomed regularly (approximately every 6 weeks) will not suffer from serious matting problems, skin conditions, painful ingrown nails, and a variety of other problems that, if left unattended can hurt your pet. Because the groomer is handling the cat on a regular basis and looking over every inch of its body during each visit, health issues that may arise can be found early on, and the likelihood of effective intervention is increased.

How long will it take for you to groom my cat?

We typically allow 2 hours, some cats will need more time to dry. We will give you a more specific pick up time when you drop your pet off.

Can you groom my cat if he/she is aggressive?

We give every cat a chance but if your cat is to aggressive your vet will be the best option to properly handle grooming.


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